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Dr. Kathryn Creasy

Since 1974, when invited by Bishop Billy Murry to serve as full-time Director of Children’s Ministry for the churches in Tennessee, Kathy has served under ministerial appointment. Her education (BS from Middle TN State and MS from Vanderbilt University) as well as her background as a public school teacher provided knowledge and experience needed to fulfill her call to ministry, specifically to children.


Her passion for developing leaders was birthed out of her call to serve children. In her first ministry role as regional children’s ministry director, Kathy saw the need for children’s ministers to be skilled in ministry and leadership, prompting her to organize her first children’s ministry conference at the age of 21. During her tenure as international children’s ministry director, Kathy developed effective ministry and leadership training resources and built strong mentoring relationships with leaders in more than 50 nations.

Kathy has been a visionary on every level of her ministry career. Together with a children’s ministry advisory team, she developed IMPACT! Level 1, an onsite and on-line training program for children’s ministers.  initiated the first Institute of Children’s Ministry Conferences for children’s ministry leaders, a Trainer’s Training program to multiply leaders, Children’s Ministry Webinars, and 1-day Training Intensives. She also co-authored the Children’s Ministries Handbook.


Recognition by international leadership of Kathy’s passion, experience, and skill led to her appointment as Executive Director of Leadership Development and Discipleship. In this position her vision, stamina, and willingness to collaborate have resulted in successful accomplishment of many of the goals and objectives of the Leadership Development and Discipleship Strategic Plan, the development of the ministerial training program, Foundations: Minister’s Development Program, the implementation of online courses such as Yes! Responding to God’s Call, and a training and resource manual for national/state bishops.


Above all of these accomplishments, Kathy is most thankful for her husband Rick and her sons,  Lee and Clint, and their families.  Since her retirement at the 101st International Assembly Kathy is looking forward to spending more time investing in family, friends, and local church ministry.

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