Retreat 2020 Electives

How to Live a Longer, Healthier Life

Patricia Millar, RD, CDE

Genetics accounts for only about 25% of a person's longevity. The rest is up to you! Learn the health habits of the world's longest living people. Find out how to adopt surprisingly simple lifestyle habits that will improve your health and extend your life! 

As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator I have over 30 years of experience in helping people to improve their health through diet and lifestyle management. There is overwhelming evidence that lifestyle medicine is the cornerstone of disease prevention and treatment.

As part of my personal journey to live a happier, healthier life I have borrowed secrets from areas around the world that have the highest life expectancy. There are commonalities that can be boiled down into a few easy to follow lifestyle principles that can serve as a road map to live a healthy life into your 80's, 90's and beyond.

From Miss to Mrs.

Pastor Marlene M. MacKenzie 

See the source image Is the desire of most female today...In this interactive workshop, we will learn the transitional journey and the valuable steps to take from singleness, to dating, to engagement to having a biblical portrait of marriage.  Finding a partner and having a fulfilling marriage cannot be left to chance.  Join us to gain relational knowledge, from being MISS to MRS.

Access Granted

Yvonne Bullard

Daughter, what brings you before the King?  Many times, you have been denied a promotion, a favour, a position because of how others view you.  You are constantly been viewed from your past and as a result you feel denied.   In this workshop we will deal with the things that keep you limited and unable to move and grow from where you are. Access to prosperity and peace in the kingdom can be given.  The way to higher heights and deeper depths can be found.  You no longer have to feel like you're at the back of the pack and have to catch up.   Your days of limitations are over.  Access granted to favour with God and man.  Come and find out how to go from weakness to strength, confused to confident, orphan to daughter walking in power with the keys to unlock any door in the kingdom. Access is granted to you to make changes needed to flourish and bloom from where you are.

Claim your inheritance! And be filled with the character of Christ

Lyndsay Nadine Benoît

God's promises are yes and amen! They are given to us for the growth of our spiritual life and for us to confidently take possession of our inheritance. Sometimes on our path of Christian life we encounter trials and disturbing situations. We also put on labels that do not come from God that can destroy our heritage. In this class we will address three essential characters of Christ that are necessary to maintain in order to experience the divine promises in the victory in Jesus. Our perspective of ourselves as women and what God says will make us stronger! So my sister keep your position of faith, claim your inheritance, for God gives you possession of it!

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