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Dr. Sophia Martin

Life as we know it is an amazingly fascinating mystery. The sequence of events from cradle to grave can never be taken for granted, notwithstanding that we are all here to fulfill our purpose.



Pastor Sophia Martin is the eldest of nine children for her mom and dad. She was born in Kingston Jamaica and later migrated to her current home in Canada. Life was not always easy. She recalls many days of not having enough to eat, nor the resources required to attend school, but she knew that God has something great in store for her. In October of 1993, she heard the Lord calling her name and decided to yield to the call of Christ. Since then, she has never once looked back.



Sophia is a mighty woman of God who tries her best at all times to walk in full obedience to the will of God, knowing that she has only made it thus far through grace and mercy, she does not take her role in the kingdom lightly. She is the mother of a beautiful daughter Peteann and Grand-mother to Addriana , who she talks about happily as her pride and joy.



She is a past student of the Jamaica Open Bible Institute (JOBI) who completed her studies at the Jamaica Theological Seminary (JTS), where she pursued a theological and counselling degree. She also possesses a Diploma in Secretarial Studies as well as a Diploma in Biblical  Studies. Although she has migrated, her passion for learning and achievement has not dwindled. She has earned a Diploma from Canadian Christian Ministries Theological Seminary in November 2013 and was awarded her Doctoral Degree in Theology April 2017.



She the Author of the book titled “ If You Only Knew My Story “ is one that she hopes will inspire others to fight the good fight of faith and press on amidst trials and temptations.

 On August, 2021 She wrote and launched two additional books titled “My Fight is Fixed and I am In It To Win It”. (All three books are available on Amazon for purchasing.


“I don’t know how my story will end, but nowhere in it will you read, that I ever gave up …” If she was to choose a character in the bible to liken her story to it would have to be that of Daniel and the 3 Hebrew Boys they went through the fire that was seen as a symbol of destruction but instead God used it to prove Himself and bring them out as pure gold as painful and initially frightening process but how beautiful was the final results.


 She is the Lead Pastor of Empowered To Win Ministry Canada located in Brampton Ontario Canada and also the Brampton Campus Director of Shiloh Bible Institute and Seminary. Look out world Lady Martin is coming to preach deliverance to the captives IJN AMEN