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Rev. Angela Grant

Rev. Angela Grant has been travelling in ministry, preaching and teaching the Gospel for over 30 years. Officially ordained in 1997, she pastored for several years before the Lord moved her into full-time itinerant (travelling) ministry. In 2003, she founded Revelation Word Ministries International - (formerly named Abundant Joy! Breakthrough Ministries) - as a Ministry that flows with a Prophetic Voice in establishing Divine Order & Divine Protocol. Since 2020, Rev. Grant has been involved in working closely with churches in Alberta, Canada.



The Divine Mandates given by the Lord to this Woman of God include:

  1.   To set at liberty those who have become bound through religious and ungodly strongholds and mindsets;

  2.   To activate, train and release believers to acknowledge and fulfill their Divine Purpose and Destiny;

  3.   To bring a clear understanding of Divine Order and Spiritual Protocol to the people of God;

  4.   To undergird and empower Spiritual Leaders through accurate revelation and impartation of the Word of God.


God has enabled Rev. Grant to develop her own teaching material for several Kingdom Training Workshops & Seminars which she teaches throughout the Body of Christ.


Topics include:

  • Divine Order & Spiritual Protocol & Spiritual Authority

  • Leadership Principles & Team Ministry

  • Spiritual Gifts & Prophetic Ministry

  • Spiritual Empowerment & Personal Identity

  • Prophetic Praise & Worship

  • Spiritual Dysfunction & Dysfunctional Identities

  • Prophetic Prayer & Intercession


The Lord continues to use this Vessel as a Revivalist to bring forth breakthrough and deliverance to the people of God. She is an International Speaker and Preacher for Conferences, Conventions, Crusades, Workshops and Retreats. Through the Grace of God on her life, her ministry has brought Freedom and Divine Change to Leaders and Churches across Canada, (including Arctic Canada), across the United States, England, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Guyana, Kenya and South Africa.

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